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16 January 2006 @ 05:04 pm
And these are the days of my life.  
After you kill like sixteen or so vampires in a row, your mind just kind of turns into one big dusty swirl. Especially when said vampires are making your boyfriend into a buffet. If there's one quick way to piss this slayer off that would be it. Considering this was the boy I preferred to not be involved with the whole vampire biting deal. So, stake first ask questions later. Which as pissed as I was about having to deal with Spike and his lusting for Dawn was not really a problem.

Vampires, dusted. Riley was half drained and he didn't do much to try and stop me after I staked the skanks that were sucking on him. He looked stoned and sort of happy which was pissing me off even more. Was I not enough for him? He had to have this, this....ugh. Sick fetish. Once I was done with the vamps I found the kitchen area and turned the oven on, opening the door to let the gas spread. Dragging Riley out to the street I so did not want to hear from him just yet. Which wasn't much of a problem since he was still all glassy eyed. "Ugh. What am I going to do with you?" Glared down at him as he laid there barely breathing. Why would he come here and do these things? And let Spike see him!

Turned around and looked back at the building I'd just cleared out. It didn't take long for the gas from the stove to find something that would blow it up. The blast blew out the windows and the front door as I watched. Fire pretty, Riley bad. That was the most my brain was really capable of at the time.

I so was not dealing with him right now. Or Spike and whatever twisted sickness he and Dawn were up to. I didn't want to go home, Mom would have questions. It would all just remind me of how screwed up things were. How much I was screwing up.

So I wandered and then I saw it. Sunnydale's finest no-tell motel. Twenty five bucks later I had my very own dirty mattress for the night. At least it wasn't the room Faith used to have. Sleep time now.