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01 August 2007 @ 10:47 pm
The coroner came and I asked them if we could wait at the hospital for the results of Mom's autopsy. They said sure but it might be quite a few hours. What did time really matter anymore? My Mom was dead. There I said it. Not aloud but at least I said it to myself. I hadn't cried yet. I didn't want to. If I cried that would mean that it is real.

I told Spike that the keys to Mom's jeep were hanging up next to the back door in the kitchen. Without a word he went and got them. I wasn't going to let Buffy argue, we were going and that was it. I had to feel like I was doing something. "Buffy, we're going. You and Riley can meet us there if you want."

Riley looked confused as to why I was going with Spike. Buffy would've probably have been confused if she wasn't so out of it. Not like I really blamed her.

Spike came back with the keys and we were out the front door. We got in the Jeep and Spike started up the engine.

"I don't want them to cut her up." I knew it had to be done... to find out why. But I still didn't like it.
01 August 2007 @ 05:28 pm
Another routine patrol on the boring old Hellmouth.  I would call it boring, but the way things tend to go in Sunnydale, I enjoy the quiet nights.  Anything had to be better then finding your boyfriend in vampire brothel getting his rocks off.  Did I really just think that?  I really need to stake Spike, his stupid sayings are starting to settle into my brain.  Screw Riley Finn and everything about him.  I was done with him, over it, finito.  He hadn't bothered to call after our last go-round.  I was so not going to cave and call him.

I'd just rounded the corner for home when my phone started ringing.  Digging it out of a pocket I flipped it open, seeing it was Dawn.  "Hey sis, what's up?  I'll be home in like two seconds, sorry for being late."  Wait, I was barely late and Dawn liked it when I was out instead of being at home.  What gives?
31 July 2007 @ 03:21 pm
The walk home had sobered us some. At least enough to the point where we weren't going to get pinched for drunk and disorderly by any of the fine Sunnydale coppers. Knew that I'd have a hell of a headache tomorrow, but sod had it been worth it. Always knew there was something more to the niblet then met the eyes. Didn't need more then a nibble to learn there was more then I'd ever imagined. Dru, Darla, the Slayers, couldn't none of the lot hold a candle to the power in this bit's blood.

We'd come in the back door of the house, both of us feeling a bit peckish after all we'd been up to. "Right luv, pizza living room, got it." Eyed the clock as I walked down the hall. Bit late, not enough that Joyce would be too harsh with Dawn. Heard the telly on, the news was over and Leno was poking a bit of fun at the President. "Joyce, are you still up?" Poked my head in and saw Joyce slumped over on the couch. Sod.

Bloody hell.

Might be she'd just nodded off. Inhaled a bit, the scent of death filling my head. She was gone. No, no bloody way!

"Joyce!" Roaring I lept over an armchair, landing next to the sofa, touching her neck, hoping against hope for the slightest hint of a pulse.


"SLAYER!" Wasn't sure if the Slayer was home, guessing not. She couldn't be long from getting back though. Turning 'round I heard Dawn's footsteps running from the kitchen. Swallowed hard, my tongue thick in my mouth. Why did it have to be Joyce of all people?

21 January 2006 @ 12:07 pm
Only briefly do I remember what happened last night. I knew that I had called Buffy earlier to see if she wanted to do anything. She turned me down a fourth night in a row. I started walking from my apartment not really knowing where I was going. When I hit the bad side of town I had an idea. Then I was inside, getting high off of the feeling of several of them drinking from me. Then it was Spike and Buffy standing at the doorway of the room I was in. After that I just remember being dragged into the street.

I woke up several hours later to the smell of smoke. Sitting up and looking at where the smoke was coming from I saw the building that I had been in the night before. Burned to the ground and the ashes were still smoldering. Smoldering like Buffy's eyes had been last night when she saw me. She at least pulled me out of the building before she burned it to the ground. Now, I am thinking, it would have been better if she had just left me in it.

Walking home I still felt weak. I probably had let the whores drink too much from me. At the time it was done I really didn't care. They needed me. They needed my blood and that was at least something. I unlocked my door and set my keys down on an end table by my couch. The light on my answering machine was blinking. I rushed over to it, hoping that it was Buffy that had called me. When I heard the voice on the other end it was definitely not Buffy, but Graham.

"Finn, I know we haven't talked in a long time. But we really need your help with something. A mission is being sent to Belize. Several hostiles there are taking out the natives. With your..."

I stopped the answering machine and deleted the message. The military is something that I had quit a long time ago. I quit for many reasons, but the main one was Buffy. If I had stayed with the military after the Initiative had broken up I knew that I would be sent away. Sent away from Buffy, and at the time I could not live with that. Maybe it would have been best if I had stayed with them now. Then I wouldn't have this sick obsession with being sucked off by vampire whores.

Sat down hard on my couch and tried to think about what would be the best plan of action. I'd have to go see Buffy and apologize. Apologize how though? Getting up I headed to the shower. Getting clean first would be best.

After showering I put on clean clothes. Long sleved shirt would be the best way to go so I wouldn't remind her of what happened last night, not like she would've forgotten anyway.

I headed out the door and drove over to her house. I got out and went up the walk and paused at her front door. Then I picked my hand up and knocked.
16 January 2006 @ 05:04 pm
After you kill like sixteen or so vampires in a row, your mind just kind of turns into one big dusty swirl. Especially when said vampires are making your boyfriend into a buffet. If there's one quick way to piss this slayer off that would be it. Considering this was the boy I preferred to not be involved with the whole vampire biting deal. So, stake first ask questions later. Which as pissed as I was about having to deal with Spike and his lusting for Dawn was not really a problem.

Vampires, dusted. Riley was half drained and he didn't do much to try and stop me after I staked the skanks that were sucking on him. He looked stoned and sort of happy which was pissing me off even more. Was I not enough for him? He had to have this, this....ugh. Sick fetish. Once I was done with the vamps I found the kitchen area and turned the oven on, opening the door to let the gas spread. Dragging Riley out to the street I so did not want to hear from him just yet. Which wasn't much of a problem since he was still all glassy eyed. "Ugh. What am I going to do with you?" Glared down at him as he laid there barely breathing. Why would he come here and do these things? And let Spike see him!

Turned around and looked back at the building I'd just cleared out. It didn't take long for the gas from the stove to find something that would blow it up. The blast blew out the windows and the front door as I watched. Fire pretty, Riley bad. That was the most my brain was really capable of at the time.

I so was not dealing with him right now. Or Spike and whatever twisted sickness he and Dawn were up to. I didn't want to go home, Mom would have questions. It would all just remind me of how screwed up things were. How much I was screwing up.

So I wandered and then I saw it. Sunnydale's finest no-tell motel. Twenty five bucks later I had my very own dirty mattress for the night. At least it wasn't the room Faith used to have. Sleep time now.
09 January 2006 @ 03:03 pm
Felt the chip in my head getting ready to put me flat on my back for even thinking what I was. Had the nibblet all to myself, two of us stinking of sweat and sex, her laying there like that. Way only she could, naive, tiny, sly. Oh yes, she was sly. More than her sis or Dru or even Darla had ever been. For a second I almost started to doubt who was playing who here.

Course I wanted to taste her, she'd just given me a bloody invitation that was for sure. Felt the chip letting me free, she'd asked for it so I was free. Had to make up my own mind here. She'd gone from innocent little Dawn to this woman in less than a day. Changes, she was becoming something else, could see it in front of my eyes.

Have to keep myself from draining her dry. Easier said than done, specially with a wisp of a girl like her. Could drink three or four girls her size before I was a bit sated. Still though, those eyes of hers begging me to...


Demon inside my head was on the prowl, demanding I do it already. Nothing worth holding back for now. My features shifted as I growled, lowering my fangs to the base of her neck and sinking in, feeling her body tense as she screamed.
08 January 2006 @ 07:00 pm
This has got to be the longest school day ever. All I have been thinking about was last night and what everything meant. Did it mean anything? I've had a crush on Spike for like ever. But he is way old and if Buffy or Mom ever found out about what happened I am sure that I would be grounded for-ev-er. Plus, not to mention, Buffy would probably so kill Spike.

I haven't told Kit because she probably would never believe me. She met Spike that one night when we were walking home from her house. She thought that he was totally hot and totally weird. Plus she said that he needed to get a tan. I wanted to laugh at her because if he did it would kill him.

Really, I don't think that I should go over to Spike's after school. He told me to, and I'm sure that he just felt bad for what happened. Probably if I go over there he is just going to tell me that it is never going to happen again and that I can never tell Buffy and blah blah blah. That would be so embarrassing. I rather not even deal with it. But if I don't go over there he will probably show up at the house again. And if he shows up at the house again I doubt that he'll stay quiet not to mention if he smokes he'll stink up the house. I really don't know how Mom and Buffy didn't barge in on us last night.

Finally! The last bell. Gathering up my books I hit my locker, grab my stuff and start walking home.

When I get home I unlock the door and put my stuff down in the foyer. "I'm home!"

I go into the kitchen and there are two notes. One from Buffy and one from Mom.

The one from Mom says, "Pumpkinbelly, I'm not going to be home until really late tonight. The gallery has a new opening and afterwards I have to go out with the artist. Don't wait up. Here is some money for pizza. Love, Mom."

Sweet! It's gonna be a anchovies night.

I read the other note, "Dawn, I have a bunch of stuff to do tonight. Call the Magic Box or my cell if you need anything. Don't invite Spike over." Don't was underlined twice. I wondered what that was about.

Guess it was a tv and pizza night for me.
07 January 2006 @ 04:22 pm
Almost didn't believe my own eyes first time I saw what I had seen. Had gone downtown to meet up with a few of my chums for a few rounds of poker when I spotted him sneaking into the backdoor of the house with black curtains. Now what would Cap'n Cornhole be doing flitting about down here all be his lonesome this time of night. Not a hint of slayer about so he wasn't playing tag with goldie tonight. Waited a few tics and snuck in after him, he wasn't exactly hard to find on the third floor. What with having one of the few hearts still a beating in this neighborhood. Took a peek through the cracked door as he got down to business with the ladies of the house, three of em no less. One on each arm sinking their perky lil fangs into his less-n-tan skin. Other one looked to going to work under the belt. Wonder if she can tie a knot in the stem of a cherry with those.

Smirking I step back from the free show. Gears were spinning in my head so bloody fast I couldn't help but feel a bit high. Practically floated out of the building and toward the slayers house. This would be priceless. Her superman had some kryptonite and it was Spikey who was about to wave it under her nose like a soiled diaper.

Slayer was about to have her perfect little world spun about and turned upside down. She played her cards right. Didn't even bother knocking as I strode in, slayer sitting in front of the telly watching some dreck about people on an island. "Too much sunshine and puppy dogs luv. Need to show you something out in the real world." Smirked and turned the tv off, loving the flashing fire in her eyes. She thought she was pissed now? Five minutes from now I'd have her just where I wanted her.

"How many times do I have to tell you Spike? Your cock just isn't on my list of things to see. It might make it into my top ten comedies though."

Typical slayer banter. She was curious enough to get her wrap on and follow along as I took her back to the lion's den. In time to see her precious Riley gasping for air as the ladies finished him off. Slayer was ready to knock the door off its hinges and end em all before I wrapping my fingers around her arm, holding her close. "Price to be paid for this show pet. You don't want every vamp and demon in town finding out about your boytoy's fetish here. Price to be paid for that, you give Dawn up to me." Felt her pulse nearly stop at that bit. She was pissed as hell, I had the upper hand and she knew it.

"Never happen Spike." Her teeth were clenched as she spit out the words.

"Going to happen eventually. Nibblet keeps following me around whether you like it or not. Got a soft spot for her myself." Dawn was something new to this world, both of us knew it. She'd accept it or I'd take Dawn and she'd lose Riley.

"I'm saying this very slowly Spike. Leave now. You and Dawn? I see no evil, hear no evil and I stake no evil. Got it?" Slayer was pulling out her favorite stake. Every vampire on the block was about to meet his or her dusty end, she'd already decided that.

"Knew you'd see the light pet. Tell Finn I said hullo. Well, not really." Turned and made my exit before she could change her pretty little mind. Could hear the door cracking as she kicked it down, smell of vampire dust tickling the hairs of my nose as I left the building.

Time to give my nibblet some good news.